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The Government consultation on de-regulation of entertainment licening closed on 3rd Dec 2011. You can read the Live Music Forum response to the consultation here,

The Live Music Forum Response to Consultation on De-regulation of Entertainment Licensing (PDF)

12th September 2011, Welwyn & Hatfield Live Music Forum issued a statement highlighting the serious shortcoming in the recently announced Government proposals for de-regulation of live music.

You can donload the PDF file here,

DCMS Proposal to Reform Live Music Licensing - WHLMF Statement

Since the end of the Summer we have all been waiting for news from the government about the reduction of red tape around live music, which was promised by both the Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties in their election manifestos.

The only announcements, so far, concern the tightening up of regulations on TENs (Temporary Event Notices) and broad agreement to increase license fees. Both of which will be bad for live music.

We have written to Minister for Tourism and Heritage, John Penrose MP. Read the correspondence,




Welwyn Hatfield Live Music Forum have published a survey of licensed premises/venues in the Three Rivers district. You can download the PDF file here,

Three Rivers Case Study



Popplestone Allen's response to 'Rebalancing The Licensing Act',


Correspondence with the Association of Chief Police Officers over claims of a link between live music and public disorder.


"I am happy to provide you with the reassurance that you seek. The vast majority of live music events serve to provide considerable pleasure and social benefit without implication for policing or public safety. In a very small number of cases there is clear evidence of association of criminality with events or acts and that obviously needs to be dealt with as the intelligence and circumstances indicate, however, this is clearly the exception and not the norm." (Commander Paul Minton ACPO)


Welwyn Live Music Forum's comments on DCMS internal correspondence on live music statistics.

Download (pdf file)


Letter from Hamish Birchall to the UK Statistics authority calling for investigation into the repeated use of inaccurate statistics by the Department of Culture.


Download (pdf file)


Correspondence with the Metropolitan Police over claims of a link between live music and public disorder.


Welwyn Hatfield Live Music Forum have published comments on the DCMS "Live Music: An Analysis of the Sector" report.

Download (pdf file)

The LACORS submission to the Entertainment Facilities Consultation.

Download (pdf file)